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If you are not from Pittsburgh and are looking for a new city to call home, give Pittsburgh a closer look!  Pittsburgh has something for everyone (click here to watch video)!  Pittsburgh tops the list in 2014  for offering social mobility and affordability for millennials (click here to read more)! The Economist ranked Pittsburgh the most livable city in the US in 2014 (click here to read more)! Forbes magazine also ranked Pittsburgh America’s most livable city (click here to read more)!  Pittsburgh ranks as one of America’s hottest cities for 2015 (click here to read more)! Pittsburgh ranked #8 in the US and top 50 in the world for highest quality of living (click here to read more)! Pittsburgh ranked first overall as a Top America’s City of the Future (click here to read more)!


And what a great place to invest in real estate!  Zillow ranked Pittsburgh the healthiest real estate market in the US (2014)(click here to read more). Pittsburgh is also ranked among the world’s best real estate investments (2014)(click here to read more)!


Still not ready to call Pittsburgh home?  Come see for yourself!  Conde Nast ranked Pittsburgh the #3 vacation destination in the world (2014)(click here to read more).


Pittsburgh! A surprisingly ideal city to call home!  Call Kathe at 412-779-6060 to find out more!