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If you are a reader of my articles or blog (see, you may have noted all of the initials and titles after my name.  “Associate Broker.  ABR, CNE, CRS.”  And on my website you will find a whole list of additional certifications and qualifications.  You may not have any idea what all of this means or why you should care.  But you should.

As a Seller or Buyer, it is very important to do your due diligence and understand the qualifications and experience of the agent you plan to work with.  All of the initials, certifications and qualifications do mean something very important to you.  All of these credentials require extensive commitment to training by the agent, and training means the agent is best equipped to achieve the very best result for you.  Much of this training requires years of dedication to learning and excellence.  All agents are not brokers, for example.  An Associate Broker’s license takes a minimum of three years commitment to additional learning and hands on experience.

If you are buying or selling a Signature home, there is an even higher level of training available to an agent.  Distinctive Homes Specialist.  Christie’s Great Estates Specialist.  These programs add yet another level of  skill and expertise to an agent’s repertoire.

I like to say “a monkey can stick a sign in your yard.”  It takes years of training and experience though to sell real estate while making it look smooth and easy.  By earning these credentials, we learn how to price optimally, how to market strategically, how to use the latest technology for your benefit, the complex ins and outs of our 11+ page Agreements of Sale (the intricacies of which are just waiting to ensnare the inexperienced), how to negotiate for success, how to navigate the rough seas of inspections and how to close on time every time.  Every one of these skills inures directly to your benefit and your bottom line.  So take the time – get to know our credentials – and make an education decision when choosing your next real estate agent.