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Dear Kathe,

When is the best time to buy in the spring market? We have seen a couple houses we like, but what if something better comes on the market?


As they say in The King and I, “now is always best time!” And in all seriousness, if you know you want to move this year and have identified a home that you like, there is no reason to sit on the sidelines one minute longer! Right now, our market is only beginning to wake up. Sellers who have endured the typical “holiday dry spell” are eagerly awaiting spring buyers and you are far more likely to get a better price now than if you wait until more buyers join the marketplace, adding greater competition. No matter your price point, there is never a “perfect” house – if its 80% great, it’s a home run from a housing perspective. So if you are waiting to see if a “better” house comes on the market, you will most likely be disappointed. All homes involves some level of compromise. Additionally, new introductions tend to be priced higher than homes that have sat through the holidays, and not only are you unlikely to get a deal, but you might end up over paying as more buyers enter the market and bidding wars become more prevalent.


If beating the spring market rush and getting a good deal on a home that has been waiting for the spring market to begin aren’t reason enough to make an offer, mortgage rates have also dropped a bit, which will pay off in savings month after month for the next 30 years (or until you move again!) Rates are now hovering around 4%. If rates increase 1% as you sit on the sidelines waiting for that “better” house, you will pay significantly more. For example, if you are planning to take a $417,000 30-year mortgage, the payment could be as much as $327 more each month and over the life of a 30 year loan, you will pay in excess of $117,000 more in interest.  By sitting and waiting rather than acting now, you are costing yourself money – a lot of money.


Hedging your bets and thinking rates will drop a bit?  There is absolutely no reason to do this.  Many lenders offer no-cost refinances.  If rates drop, you can refinance to a lower rate with no cost to you.  You can have your cake and eat it too – if you buy now you can hedge your bets against the likely rate increase and take advantage of a good deal in the pre-seaon, and if rates happen to drop, you can take advantage of a no-cost refinance to capture the lower rate! Call me today and we can strategize about how to get you into your new home in this pre-season!