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Dear Kathe,

It’s snowing outside – hard to imagine this is a good time to list our home. When is it a good time to get our home on the market? Any last minute pointers?

The holidays are behind us and we are ready to start a new and exciting year.  Just two weeks old, the 2016 real estate market is already abuzz — ahead lies the promise of another great year.  If you thought we were in the slow real estate season then you thought wrong!  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Pittsburgh’s inventory levels have never been lower for longer and there has never been a greater opportunity to sell your home.  Homes that are coming on the market now are moving fast.  In prior articles I have discussed the importance of readying your home for sale and there could be no better time to dig out those articles and start getting your home ready to sell.  The spring market has started — there is no doubt and there is no time to lose!  In the next few articles, I will focus on the details of getting your home ready to sell, so be sure to check in each week.  This week I will address your bathrooms.

Bathrooms are a key component to selling a home.  It is critical that they be both clean and as updated as possible.  Clean is less obvious than you might think.  In addition to the basics, grout should be clean (consider renting a steamer), tubs and showers should be caulked.  Everything should be in good working order.  Commodes should be firmly bolted down, lids should match the toilet, sinks should not drip, drain stoppers on sinks and tubs should properly close and all plumbing hardware should be in good condition and should not be significantly tarnished or corroded (if they are, you can replace them with a reasonably inexpensive fixture).

The bathrooms should also be as updated as possible.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot to give a bathroom a fresh look.  Remove all wallpaper and paint in a color that is reasonably neutral and brings out the best in the tile.  Change lighting fixtures (there is a huge selection of inexpensive bathroom lights online) and cabinet hardware if it is dated.  Consider painting old cabinetry either a shade of white or black.  Replace old mirrors, or repaint their frames for an easy update.  New tile and granite tops may be necessary to bring out the full value in your home if it is in a higher price bracket, but for many homes this level of expense is not necessary to create a fresh, updated and welcoming look.  Take the time to take this list into each of your bathrooms for a detailed review (or call me and I will be happy to walk through with you and help you with this review) and it will pay dividends this spring in a fast and lucrative sale.