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I’m sure you’ve read it in the news – whether online or in print – but when it comes to real estate, it seems that there is always the good, and the bad. So, which is it?  Who’s right?  The answer is simpler than you might guess – they are all right.

As much as we are all interconnected to each other in this technologic age, there is still a strong separateness when it comes to real estate.  What happens internationally can affect your portfolio on a daily basis, but it takes a lot to affect the local housing market.  Our prices here are almost entirely dependent on what is happening here and now.  And right now, that’s all good.  With the natural gas industry bringing so many people to our region, we have had an increased demand for housing. At the same time, the national economy has caused large employers to hold back on relocating employees, creating an unusual lack of homes coming on the market.  Anxiety about the future has caused many who might have moved up to hold back, despite the amazing interest  rates.  This has all converged to cause a bit of a log jam in our market – there just isn’t much to buy, which creates a very strong real estate market.

The stability of our region has gotten us through these tough economic times without the major losses (in many markets in excess of 50%) what some have seen.  It has also made real estate one of the best investments you can make – with your money safely parked in local real estate, you don’t have to worry about the near daily swings in value, and with a supply shortage, renting is a popular option, driving up rental prices for those who have chosen to become landlords as part of their investing plan.

So what does this mean for you?  You get to enjoy all of the advantages of a global economy – fast and easy access to things we never would have imagined even 20 years ago, but at the end of the day you can rest soundly knowing that by investing in local real estate, you have added stability to your portfolio and to your life.  Sewickley is a great place to invest.  Of course, in making your investment choices, it’s also a very local market.  While websites can offer all sorts of analytic data about market value, real estate is more emotion than analytics.  Advising you on how to price, strategies for selling at the best price, how to buy smart for future resale  – that also is very local.  To make your best decisions regarding your real estate investments, you need to be certain, first and foremost, that you are being advised by a licensed professional who works in the market you plan to invest in every single day who can provide you with the best analysis and advice to make your local investment as sound as it can be.  With that advisor by your side, local is a great place to be!