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This time of year we all take the time to give thanks for all of the wonderful things in our lives.  I have much to be thankful for.  The obvious chart toppers are good health, wonderful family and friends, and of course, a warm home to come home to each day.  My gratitude extends much deeper, however, to all of the people I work with every day that make real estate transactions so seamless for my clients – from the best mortgage brokers and closers to incredible home inspectors and handymen, contractors, electricians, roofers… that I can count on to give their best to my clients.  With them by my side (or on speed dial) I have been able to provide the highest level of service to those I work with, and for that I am grateful.

My gratitude, however, extends even further – to forces I can’t control.  We have been very fortunate to have low interest rates for a very long period of time, and a taxing structure that has favored home ownership as an investment vehicle.  I am always reminded that Uncle Sam, through the mortgage interest deduction, effectively pays a portion of my mortgage every month.  He helps pay the property tax bill too, through the deduction for property taxes that I take each year.  Through the system as structured, we are not only able to own homes for less than we could pay to rent them, but at the same time we are building equity which will be there for us when we retire and are seeking that nest egg to purchase our retirement home with.

Are you taking advantage of all that is available to you?  It’s hard to imagine that there will ever be a better time to increase the size of your nest egg in real estate – it just doesn’t get any cheaper to buy than it is today.  If you’re ready to downsize and cash in your nest egg, it’s an absolutely ideal time – inventory is low, interest rates are low too and we have buyers waiting in line for Sewickley homes.  In fact, the lines of buyers are so long that if you would consider selling your home, I would be even more grateful!  The spring market starts in January – the time to sell is now!

After what we have been through in the housing market in the not so distant past, we all have much to be thankful for this holiday season!