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Sellers often imagine who their buyers might be.  Empty nesters?  First time home buyers?  Family with two kids?  Single folks?  Sellers often have a sense of who will buy their home.  Even if you think you know, its important to keep an open mind.   I have sold homes over the past 14 years to people you would never imagine.  Empty nesters buying 4500SF Victorians.  Large families buying 3 bedroom townhomes. Move-up buyers going straight from their starter home to a million dollar home with nothing in between!  Sometimes buyers surprise you.

But more often than not, over the years I have noticed that, unless you did a massive renovation that completely changed your home, your buyer is most likely you when you bought your home.  In other words, if you were a young couple just starting a family with one child in tow, that will most likely be your buyer.  If you were an early stage empty nester downsizing for the first time, that will most likely be your buyer…  the scenarios are as endless as the possible buyers.

So as you are prepare to list your home, take a look in the mirror and think back to when you bought your home.  What qualities drew you to your home?  What features were most important to you?  Share these with your listing agent so that she can incorporate these into your brochure and marketing materials.  Highlighting these features will help draw people like you to your home – your most likely best match for a buyer!