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 Sewickley is loaded with fine homes.  We are fortunate to have such a treasure trove of them – offering so many different housing opportunities for their owners.  You may own a Heights estate on several acres.  You may own an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the Village.  Maybe a new home offering every amenity a buyer could possibly desire.  While the homes are all very unique, selling them requires some attention to a common set of guidelines in order to realize your highest bottom line.

First and foremost it is important to keep your buyer in mind.  Buyers with big wallets also tend to be discerning and demanding.  You absolutely must present your home as perfectly as possible if you want it to sell and for a good price.  Condition is key.  It is well worth your time and investment to bring in a handyman to address all condition concerns.  Its not ok to have molding caulk in the shower, cracked floor tiles, stained, worn or bunching carpeting, mismatched or worn out appliances… If you wouldn’t accept these things in your new home, you need to assume your buyer will not accept them from you.  Condition is a continuous process.  As you get feedback, buyer concerns may become evident and it is important that you address them at that time.

These same buyers also tend to be quite picky about how a home looks.  It’s important to bring in a professional home stager before you list and to make all recommended changes.  Home stagers work with hundreds of sellers each year – they know what sells and what doesn’t.  You know the drill by now – colored carpeting must be neutralized, as must strong wall colors.  Wallpaper must be stripped.  Clutter must be stored off site.  You are selling your home – it will soon no longer be yours and your personal touches can be incorporated into your new home – let them go for now so that your home appeals to a wider range of buyers.

Finally, with Signature homes, it is important to develop a customized strategic plan for introducing your home to the market.  While anyone can stick a for sale sign in your yard, it is critical to have a fully developed, customized plan in place in order to maximize your return on investment before you list your home  While such a plan would take weeks to spell out here, should you want to know how to sell your Signature home with a maximum return, feel free to give me a call!